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At Cancun Market you will find all the latest styles and colors for every room in your home. We carry the furniture that will fit your lifestyle, from traditional to contemporary. You will also find quality name brand manufacturers at a low cost. Isn’t it time you have the furniture you truly desire without the high cost? Visit one of our five locations throughout the DFW metro area and save today on your entire home furnishing needs.

At Cancun Market you get low prices everyday. Furniture you want, when you want it!


We started in 1996 with the wholesale of arts and crafts mostly from Mexico, hence the name. After opening our first retail store in North East Mall in Fort Worth, we began to import larger decorative items, then patio furniture, and finally classic wood designs. Today we offer a wide array of home furnishings that range from the basic to the sophisticated, from the classic and traditional to the modern and contemporary.

Throughout this evolution, our goal has been to bring high quality, yet affordable goods to our customers. Our Mission is to serve the community, through the delivery of high value goods, as well as excellent customer service. They say in Mexico "He who does not live to serve, serves little purpose in life". At Cancun Market, we believe that is true, and we hope to serve the Fort Worth and Dallas community for many years to come.

We appreciate our customers’ comments since have been the fuel for our transition. It is through our customers’ comments that we know what merchandise to offer and what is the expected price point. Your input is greatly appreciated. 
"At Cancun Market, we are at your service!"


While we strive to serve our customers while maintaining our costs low, we have developed a policy that we believe is fair for our customers as well as for us. Many times we try to "bend over backwards" as they say, but on occasions carelessness or lack of understanding of the furniture industry may cause some misconceptions. In trying to avoid that we list our policy as follows:

  1. CHECK PURCHASES: When paying with a check please allow 7 business days before merchandise delivery. We will not deliver merchandise until we receive bank confirmation that check has cleared. $25 fee assessed to all returned checks.

  2. WHEN PICKING UP MERCHANDISE please bring ropes, blankets and HELPERS to load and tie down the merchandise. We offer full service delivery at all locations for an additional fee. We encourage you to please use this professional delivery service if you do not have helpers to professionally handle the merchandise. Please inspect merchandise before it leaves the store. We are not responsible for merchandise once it leaves the store

  3. If our employees help in the loading and tie down of merchandise it is still your responsibility to ensure proper tie down. We are not responsible for merchandise once it leaves the store. Yes, table and mattresses fly well!!

  4. DISPLAY ITEMS are sold AS-IS: No exchanges and no refunds are allowed on items purchased that were on the display floor. Please inspect merchandise before it leaves the store.

  5. Report of damaged products must be submitted in writing at the time of receipt. If at time of arrival merchandise is damaged we will return merchandise to the store and process the order for a replacement. If customer decides to keep merchandise then we will assume merchandise was received satisfactorily.

  6. Lay-a-way and /or merchandise order cancellations: If you have not yet received merchandise and would like to cancel your layaway we will charge 20% cancellation fee. It is an administrative fee that applies to the grand total value of the merchandise purchased and not only the payments you have made. If merchandise is exchanged for something of lesser value, 20% cancellation will apply to the difference.

  7. Lay-a-ways that have not been paid within the 6 months are then considered cancelled and all payments forfeited unless otherwise stated in writing by our company. In the event that a product in layaway becomes unavailable or is discontinued then customer should choose products of equal or greater value to replace original money so that money can be applied to the new products. IF A LAYAWAY EXPIRES, and a reinstatement is requested, Cancun Market reserves the right to reinstate a layaway. If reinstatement is approved, there will be a research fee based on the antiquity and history of payments.

  8. Dormant Layaways are layaways that have not been paid in over 60 days. Dormant Layaway that are less than 6 months old will be automatically voided and they can be reinstated after research has been done. There is a fee to reinstate dormant layaways based on antiquity and payment history so please make a monthly payment.

  9. If you receive merchandise and later make a claim for merchandise you must submit photos and it will be our company’s prerogative to decide if damage claim was justified and accepted. Subjective reasons do not constitute a damage claim if merchandise serves the purpose for which it was intended. For every trip we make to customers house, assuming it is within a 15 mile radius of the nearest Cancun Market store, we charge an additional $85. If delivery is further than 15 miles from nearest Cancun Market Store then we will charge $85 plus an additional $1 for every mile it exceeds. Delivery fees are never reimbursed once the delivery team has delivered, or attempted to deliver, the merchandise to the address provided. If address has changed and we are not given correct address then we will charge an additional delivery fee.

  10. If you are needing to return merchandise because of any limitations due to the dimensions of the product then we may consider that a customer error and not accept any returns, exchanges or cancellations. Please measure your space before purchasing merchandise.

  11. Store credits 100% non-refundable and expire after 60 days if not used. If purchase becomes cancelled for ANY reason that credit it still non-refundable. Non-refundable means non-refundable regardless of any situation such as our suppliers not having the merchandise or the sale getting cancelled for any reason.

  12. Delivery teams are usually outside contractors who cannot move any furniture within a customers house, hence cannot be liable. Delivery team strives to serve their customers and will be professional and efficient but are limited to delivering and assembling only the merchandise we sell.


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